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FendX Technologies Inc.: Leading the Fight Against Pathogens with Cutting-Edge Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is an emerging industry with transformative potential across various sectors. 

By manipulating materials at the atomic and molecular levels, nanotechnology enables the creation of products with enhanced properties, such as increased strength, reduced weight, and improved conductivity.


This capability drives innovation in fields like electronics, computing, construction, and especially in medicine.


Thus, nanotechnology is poised to grow to a 1.3 billion industry by 2026.


Smart investors are turning there gears towards this sector and the companies that are innovating.


One of the newest companies driving this nanotechnology revolution is FendX Technologies Inc (OTCQB: FDXTF) - A upcoming leader in the space and a massive investment opportunity for readers as you have the chance to get involved with FendX’s future today.


It's still early, as company plans its first manufacturing scale-up tests, which, if successful, could lead to potential commercialization.

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FendX focuses on developing REPELWRAP™ film to prevent pathogen spread on surfaces, using nanotechnology that repels bacteria, viruses, and liquids.

So, when a contaminated hand encounters a nano-coated protected surface the contamination tends to stay on the hand and not the surface. Thus, protecting the area by reducing adhesion by more than 98% of bacteria (E-coli, B-subtilis and MRSA) and a Covid-19 like virus.


There has been considerable amount of favourable press for this innovative tech that was licensed from McMaster University.


“The healthcare world needs innovative solutions like these to contribute to the global efforts to reduce the spread of potentially deadly microbes." 


“REPELWRAP ... has the potential to make a substantial impact not only in healthcare but also in other high-traffic, high-touch point industries..."


“Researchers have developed a self-cleaning plastic wrap that repels bacteria and could be used to prevent the transfer of antibiotic resistant superbugs, and other forms of dangerous bacteria.”


“Their surface coatings in development provide instant and continuous protection…”


The reason why FendX Technologies Inc (OTCQB: FDXTF) and its technology are so important is because we are experiencing a severe problem of trying to stop the spread of pathogens. The influenza virus can persist on surfaces such as banknotes for as long as 17 days. Certain bacteria, like the potentially lethal E. Coli and MRSA, can remain viable on inanimate objects for several months. Additionally, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, can endure for up to 28 days on materials like glass, paper, and steel. Current disinfecting practices are not enough as it requires constant maintenance while REPELWRAP™ film in development demonstrates 24-hour protection. To add to this 80% of common infections are caused by touch and FendX Technologies Inc (OTCQB: FDXTF) is actively focused on keeping surfaces clean with their product.  


If left untreated many of these pathogens can be potentially lethal, as we all know so well from the Covid-19 pandemic. However, some additional statistics really put into perspective how deadly these silent killers can be. The spread of certain pathogens is one of the top 10 death causes in the USA and current disinfecting properties are not enough to prevent their spread. In fact, the National Health Institute calls antimicrobial resistance a “Global Health Emergency”. These pathogens can contribute to more than 98,000 deaths a year costing roughly $28 billion annually in the U.S. This alone shows the value Fendx may provide to the health sector with their products in development.






Global infections are on the rise, driving an increasing demand for innovative and effective infection control measures. The global antimicrobial coating market is estimated to reach $1.3 billion by 2026. This large and growing market offers an opportunity for FendX who intend to focus on protecting surfaces in healthcare facilities, public transportation, schools, offices, and other high-traffic industries.  The considerable number of verticals could offer a significant opportunity for future growth. In addition to this, FendX plans to commence commercial production of REPELWRAP™ film in the second half of 2024, after successfully completing their pilot manufacturing runs and testing. Commercializing REPELWRAP™ film in Canada first could transition the company to becoming revenue generating and its current market cap presents chances of upsides.



Fendx is run by CEO Dr. Carolyn Myers MBA, PhD who has a stellar resume. Not to mention vast experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare field, as well as running various businesses and assisting start-ups and small pharma companies in developing their business strategy and planning. Some key roles include principal at BioEnsemble LLC,  Vice President of International Business Development and Alliance Management at Allergan PLC (market cap of $63.5 Bn in 2019 before being, acquired by AbbVie Inc.; NYSE: ABBV). Not to mention, she was President of Dey Laboratories and President of Mylan Technologies Inc. (market cap $10.4 Bn, 2019, before being acquired by Pfizer, now Viatris Inc.; NasdaqGS: VTRS)

Based on Carolyn’s experience, FendX is currently on a safe and comfortable trajectory, having successfully achieved its set targets so far. I envision even greater success for the company in the future under Carolyn’s leadership.



Other antimicrobial coating companies’ products contain metal ions that kill pathogens. However, for these products to work. The pathogens must stick to the metal containing surface. As this process can take up to an hour or more, it creates a “window for transmission before the bugs are killed”.This is especially the case in areas with frequent touchpoint zones. REPELWRAP™ film on the other hand instantaneously repels bacteria and viruses since the nanotech coating creates a surface that pathogens can’t attach to. Since pathogens cannot attach, they can’t be transmitted between people

The nanotechnology used to create REPELWRAP™ film was discovered by scientists in McMaster University. Its discovery has been written about in many journals and was eventually licensed by FendX. FendX is currently conducting pilot manufacturing runs at Dunmore International Corp. Who have been able to automate the production of REPELWRAP™ film on their commercial manufacturing equipment. This is a huge milestone achievement for FendX in their journey to commercialization and future growth


One of the new products in FendX’s pipeline is their nano-coated catheters. The project entails coating the plastic used for catheters. As certain catheters can be susceptible to bacteria and blood sticking to the surface. Causing infection and blood clots. This might mean surgically removing the catheter. Which can be a very costly process. However, McMaster early-stage studies have shown nano-coated catheters has the potential to significantly reduce blood and bacteria sticking to the nano-surface. Another product in development is FendX’s nano-coating spray. This would form a film on the surface like REPELWRAP™ film, providing instant and continuous protection. The spray is expected to be easier to apply and potentially expand applications. FendX signed a master services agreement with nanoComposix and nanoparticles specialty manufacturer and FendX plans to transfer the formulation to them to try and get the spray into pilot production in the coming months. 



This is just the start for FendX Technologies Inc (OTCQB: FDXTF) award-winning licensed nanotech, there are potentially multiple vertices and other applications for their nano-tech and future products, so learning more now while the company is still early could provide a huge opportunity to be a part of a company developing innovative products to meet serious healthcare concerns – controlling the spread of potentially lethal pathogens. products to meet serious healthcare concerns – controlling the spread of potentially lethal pathogens.


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This article contains certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Canadian securities legislation (the “Forward-looking Statements”), including with respect to: the plans of FendX Technologies Inc. (the “Company” or “FendX”); expectations regarding industry trends, overall market growth rates and our growth rates and growth strategies; the use of available funds; the performance of the Company’s business and operations; our expectations regarding revenues, expenses and anticipated cash needs; the intention to grow our business and operations; the expected timing and completion of our near‑term objectives; laws and regulations and any amendments thereto applicable to us; our competitive advantages and business strategies; our future product offerings; our research and development initiatives and expected results thereof; the Company’s growing patent portfolio; our ability to enter into distribution, manufacturing and other business relationships; the potential of our technology to protect against the spread of pathogens on surfaces through repelling bacteria and viruses that come in contact with its surface; that our technology will bring significant value in controlling the spread of surface borne infectious diseases; the Company’s intention to initially target REPELWRAPTM film towards healthcare settings and high traffic public touchpoints; the growing global commitment to reduce the spread of pathogens; and that REPELWRAP™ film will provide additional protection to current disinfecting practices to control the spread of pathogens. Although the Company believes that such statements are reasonable, it can give no assurance that such expectations will prove to be correct. Forward-looking statements are statements that are not historical facts; they are generally, but not always, identified by the words “expects,” “plans,” “anticipates,” “believes,” “intends,” “estimates,” “projects,” “aims,” “potential,” “goal,” “objective,” “prospective,” and similar expressions, or that events or conditions “will,” “would,” “may,” “can,” “could” or “should” occur, or are those statements, which, by their nature, refer to future events. The Company cautions that forward-looking statements are based on the beliefs, estimates and opinions of the Company’s management on the date the statements are made and they involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Consequently, there can be no assurances that such statements will prove to be accurate and actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements.

Important factors that could cause future results to differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements include: product candidates only being in formulation/reformulation stages; limited operating history, no revenues and uncertainty around additional financing; negative cash flow history; no production history and lack of revenues from sales; no history of manufacturing or distribution; highly competitive industry; satisfying the terms of the License Agreement and Collaborative Research Agreement and maintaining the License in good standing; inability of McMaster University to satisfy the terms under the License Agreement and Collaborative Research Agreement; completion of scale-up and development of a commercial product; research and development activities; reliance on grant funding; limited number of products; dependence on collaborative partners, licensors and others; changes and restrictions due to legal and regulatory requirements; dependence on each product’s acceptance in the market; possibility of smaller market opportunities than anticipated; increasing regulatory and compliance costs for public companies; global economic instability; product liability claims and lawsuits; system failures; reliance on management and loss of key employees or inability to hire key personnel; limited experience of senior management in managing a public company; fraudulent or illegal activity by employees, contractors and consultants; inability to effect service of process on some of our directors and officers; management’s efforts and abilities; potential conflicts of interest; inability to protect intellectual property rights; inability to secure patents or grow its patent portfolio; infringement on proprietary rights of third parties; risks related to forward-looking information; volatility of the market price of our common shares; potential dilution of the common shares; lack of an active, liquid and orderly trading market for the common shares; failure of securities or industry analysts to publish research or publish inaccurate or unfavourable research about the Company; inability or unwillingness to pay dividends; exchange rate fluctuations between the Canadian dollar and the U.S. dollar; effect of COVID-19 public health crisis or another global health pandemic; use of available funds; effect of general economic and political conditions; internal controls; and other risk factors set forth in the Company’s final prospectus dated January 31, 2023 under the heading “Risk Factors”. The reader is urged to refer to the Company’s prospectus and other filings, publicly available through the Canadian Securities Administrators’ System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR) at for a more complete discussion of such risk factors and their potential effects. Except to the extent required by applicable securities laws and the policies of the Canadian Securities Exchange, the Company undertakes no obligation to update these forward-looking statements if management’s beliefs, estimates or opinions, or other factors, should change. New factors emerge from time to time, and it is not possible for the Company to predict all of them or assess the impact of each such factor or the extent to which any factor, or combination of factors, may cause results to differ materially from those contained in any Forward-looking Statement. Any Forward-looking Statements contained in this article are expressly qualified in their entirety by this cautionary statement.


While the information contained in this article is believed to be accurate, FendX expressly disclaims any and all liability for any losses, claims or damages of whatsoever kind based upon the information contained in, or omissions from, this article or any oral communication transmitted in connection therewith. In addition, none of the statements contained in this article are intended to be, nor shall be deemed to be, representations or warranties of the Company. Where the information is from third-party sources, the information is from sources believed to be reliable, but the Company has not independently verified any of such information contained herein.


This warticle is not, and under no circumstances is to be construed as, a prospectus, an offering memorandum, an advertisement or a public offering of securities. Under no circumstances should the information contained herein be considered an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities.


This communication is a paid advertisement and is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Wall St. Stock Trends dba VHLA Media and its owners, managers, employees, and assigns (collectively “Wall St. Stock Trends dba VHLA Media”) has been paid twenty-five thousand Canadian dollars (CAD$25,000) plus applicable taxes for an ongoing marketing campaign including this article among other things. This compensation is a major conflict with our ability to be unbiased. This communication is for entertainment purposes only. Never invest purely based on our communication.



The owner of Wall St. Stock Trends dba VHLA Media may be buying and selling shares of this issuer for its own profit. This is why we stress that you conduct extensive due diligence as well as seek the advice of your financial advisor or a registered broker-dealer before investing in any securities.



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